Midwest University Round Tables

Midwest University’s Round Table Discussions are designed to foster conversation about important AEC topics. Here is your quick guide to all the roundtable discussions happening at Mid U!

Session 110: Design. Technology. Management. A Round Table Asking: Can You Do It All?

The AEC industry sits at the intersection of Design, Technology, and Management. This confluence attracts a wide range of people and talents that are amazing, but are often left in roles that either end up stagnating, or are at odds with their personal interests and talents. One part support group, one part education, this round table will investigate ways to try and balance a career that requires high levels of design, technology and management.
Session 314: BIM for Existing Structures
Capitalizing on BIM for new buildings is easy–you start with a fresh, clean file, and can lay out everything you need precisely where it is supposed to be. But what if you’re doing an addition, a renovation, or historic preservation? Most of what is important to a structural engineer is often hidden behind an existing façade or finish. And yet the model must go on. Join this roundtable to share your experience with these challenges, and see how your peers have dealt with the same issues.
Session 406: Data Driven Design & IPD: Transparent Collaboration
Through a round-table discussion highlighting Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids, MN, the ideal IPD method will be analyzed from the perspective of designer, contractor and fabricator. With technology as a focus we will dissect the collaboration structure necessary to breakdown silos between all stakeholders. This workflow allows instantaneous transferring of design data that impacts decisions, budget, and schedule.
What’s the point with Revit Standards? Nobody interprets them the same, everybody breaks them, and apparently, nobody can enforce them. Creating effective standards requires more than technical knowledge. It requires building consensus on the big picture without stomping on individualism and unique project requirements. This class will walk attendees through a logical framework of steps for defining goals for standards, quantifying effectiveness, and documentation that supports education.
Session 601: CAD/BIM Manager Roundtable: What is Working and What is Not
A gathering of CAD/BIM Managers to discuss the challenges that are faced daily and how you deal with them. This will be a roundtable discussion about what is working and what is not. Whether you are a new or an experienced CAD/BIM Manager we all can learn from each other.
Session 709: To BIM, or not to BIM……..There is no question!
Making the switch and understanding the difference from AutoCAD to Revit and getting your head wrapped around it can be challenging. I’ve found that the more I express my enthusiasm and show examples of success stories it helps others get excited for it as well. How we learn best is from each other’s successes and failures, there’s always more to learn. In this roundtable discussion, we will all learn from each other, no matter what stage your firm is in the transition.
Session 804: Round Table To Make VDC Coordination Easy!
Have you started a VDC project and now you’re stuck with the task of trying to coordinate in Revit, Navis, and AutoCAD? This Round table will discuss how to aproach VDC and will walk you through the process that we have came up with for how to improve your overall workflow along with making everyone elses AutoCAD Drawings be usable in Revit for you. We will also go through some set up that will help you easily be able to set up your exports so they go out to AutoCAD and Navis easy and pain free.
Session 912: So You’re a BIM Manager Now… What Does That Mean?!?
The term BIM Manager can mean many different things and include many different responsibilities depending on your organization, their understanding of BIM, and their level of expectations. In this roundtable discussion, we’ll explore what that has meant in our collective experience and how that has been defined/implemented within our respective organizations. Not only will there be intriguing discussions, but you’ll get the opportunity to meet and connect with similar colleagues to network with!
Session 1113: Engineers vs. Architects: Playing nice in the Revit Sandbox
A round-table discussion on methods to improve the coordination process between architects and MEP engineers.
With today’s ever shrinking design timeline, virtual coordination has become paramount. From schematic design to building sign off we could all benefit from ways to improve the design process across all disciplines. Whether it be coordinating shaft locations or working out mechanical room layouts, our industry needs to continually improve our collaborative efforts.