808 “BIM Nirvana: Achieving Fidelity in your Revit Models”


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Course Description

As Building Information Modeling continues to permeate the AEC and the operations/facilities maintenance industries, firms are beginning to develop data-rich design models that address both immediate and downstream criteria. These models tend to grow in both size and content almost exponentially, often times becoming unwieldy for project teams to manage. With little-to-no educated direction, ill-informed maintenance regimes and management practices can lead way to poor-performing models that become troublesome for both internal and external coordination and documentation.

“BIM Nirvana: Achieving Fidelity in your Revit Models” aims to tackle the ever-critical topic of model maintenance and content management. By attending this session, users of all skill levels – from architectural professionals to construction managers – will gain a better understanding of industry best practices for achieving streamlined, high-performance Revit models.

Drawing on experience with different typologies of building design, the session will explore a series of “hot topic” items relating to model maintenance and content management in Revit. Topics will include the following:

  • Warning management: which types of file warnings should be addressed immediately, and which can be addressed later in project development?
  • File size maintenance: selective purging, and which elements have the largest impact on your file.
  • Content management: strategies for dealing with imported content, i.e. AutoCAD files.
  • Maintenance scheduling: how often should files be vetted, and when?
  • The session will provide the most potential benefit to those in BIM/Model Manager, VDC Manager, Project Manager, or similar positions.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Participants will better understand warning severity and how to locate/remedy issues in a Revit model. 
  • Participants will better understand the general strategies for maintaining file size and how often these methods should be employed throughout the course of a project.
  • Participants will better understand general best practices for management of linked Revit content.  
  • Participants will leave the session with a more informed understanding of some of the different methods and approaches for achieving true model fidelity.

Alec Higinbotham

Array Architects

Alec Higinbotham is a BIM Manager with Array Architects, a Philadelphia-based firm specializing in healthcare design. His experience with Array has allowed him the opportunity of developing firm-wide Revit content, documentation resources, and training materials – in addition to providing project-based BIM management and best practice recommendations. Alec received a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture and Planning from the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, and a Master’s degree in Architecture from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Breakout Session