Class Proposal Suggestions

Want to speak at Midwest University, but can’t figure out a good topic?

Here are some suggestions on what makes a good class proposal, as well as topics we’re looking for this year.


  • New and creative workflows you’ve discovered
  • Strategies for implementing new technologies
  • CAD/BIM Management best practices
  • Emerging technologies and how they are shaping the future
  • Case Studies and lessons learned
  • Getting started in a new software
  • Content library management best practices

Class Proposal Best Practices

  • Prepare for a 45-minute class
  • Clearly explain the issue you’re addressing and how you’ll solve it
  • It’s more about what attendees will learn, less about what you know
  • Keep topic broad enough for a diverse audience; focused enough for some concrete examples
  • Use action words: “attendees will learn, understand, be able to….”
  • Proofread, and use proper grammar and punctuation
  • Make sure the topic will fit into the timeframe
  • Qualify yourself and your ability to present: write a good biography

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