Call for Proposals Open!

The countdown has begun to Midwest University 2019! As crazy as it sounds March will be here before we know it. A vital part of the conference is the classes that are presented each year. With that we are happy to announce the Call for Class Proposals for the 2019 conference is NOW OPEN!! Submit your class proposals today! All class proposals are due by November 20th. Check out the helpful tips below for preparing a stellar class proposal!

Tips for selecting a topic

  • What are the industry trends you are noticing?
  • Did you develop a new workflow that drastically improves efficiency from which you think others would benefit?
  • Were you involved in a unique collaboration on a recent project that others may find interesting?

Class Formats and Class Lengths

  • Industry Talks: 45 Minutes
  • Instructional Demos: 45 or 90 minutes
  • Panels: 45 minutes
  • Roundtables: 45 minutes

Class Categories

  • Architecture
  • Mechanical/Plumbing/Piping
  • Electrical
  • Structural
  • Building Multi-discipline
  • Civil Transportation
  • Civil Site
  • Civil Multi-Discipline
  • Survey and GIS
  • Scanning and Drones
  • BIM/CAD Management
  • Programming
  • Virtual Reality

Proposal Elements

  • Class Title: Descriptive NOT catchy. The goal is to have attendees understand what this class is about based on the title alone. Be sure to include the product names as well.
  • Class Description: Describe the material that you will cover and the benefits to attendees. This should contain the individual products being taught and list any knowledge or skills or prerequisite classes needed.
  • Category: Which focused category does your proposal most align with?
  • Relevant Topics: What topics does your class explore?
  • Class Format: Choose one of the following: Industry talk, Instructional demo, Panel or Roundtable.
  • Class Length: 45 or 90 minutes depending on class format
  • Learning Objectives: A good learning objective should capture the knowledge or skills that attendees will gain from attending your class in 125 characters (with spaces) or less, per learning objective. These should complete the phrase “at the conclusion of this class attendees will be able to…”. There has to be 4 learning objectives
  • Roundtable Subject: The question or situation that you’ll use to encourage collaboration and a shared discussion.
  • Social Media Class Summary: This is your chance to write a short blurb (280 characters) that tells potential attendees what your class is all about. be succinct and precise. A one-sentence summary of what attendees will learn in your class. Example: Learn how Fusion 360 can help you test fit and motion, perform simulations and make photorealistic renderings and animations. If your class is selected this summary will be used to promote your class on social media
  • Relevant Software: Select all the relevant software that pertains to your class from the list.
  • Additional proposal elements: describe your ideal audience in further detail. Thing to include: audience occupation, audience definition, audience description, level of expertise, prerequisite knowledge of skills and relevant industries.
  • Speaker Bio: This is your chance to tell the world who you are, share your expertise, current position, work history, any professional awards received, academic qualifications and other conferences at which you have presented.