Midwest University 2018

Thank You All for Attending
Midwest University 2018!

Midwest University 2018 crowd

Midwest University 2018 was bigger and better than it ever has been before

This year’s Mid U featured 160 sessions, twenty exhibitors, six hundred attendees, great keynotes, and one charming AI robot!

Of course, we can always do better. We rely upon and are currently reviewing all of the great feedback we received from you in order to make Midwest University 2019 even better.

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Midwest University 2018


Midwest University kicks off each day with thrilling keynote presentations by industry-leading professionals. These presentations showcase the latest technology and innovations within the AEC industry. Each year a lineup of enticing speakers is setup that gets the audience excited about the industry and where it is headed. Midwest University is proud to announce the speaker lineup for 2018, which features the world’s first robot to gain citizenship, Hanson Robotics own Sophia; Jim Lynch, VP of Construction Products for Autodesk; and David Ivey, Regional Design Technology Manager, HOK. Day two features presentations from Shane Scranton, CEO & Co-Founder of IrisVR; Reeti Gupta, Director of Practice Technology from HKS; and Vickie Patel, Practice Technology Manager from HKS. We are very excited to announce that Lynn Allen – Autodesk’s Technical Evangelist – will be hosting the show.

Lynn Allen presenting at Midwest University 2017

Paul Aubin presenting at Midwest University 2017


Midwest University 2018 will feature 162 breakout sessions taught by the region’s top instructors and Autodesk Technical Experts from across the country and overseas. In these sessions, attendees will learn about cutting edge technology available and how to implement these programs into any size organization, learn from their peers on how to maximize the software to the full potential and sit in on thrilling round tables where the industry’s leading questions will be discussed. All 162 sessions are AIA accredited and PDH eligible.

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